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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Norwich, Connecticut (6)

The statistics regarding adolescent drug and alcohol abuse in Connecticut shows that more than 62,000 adolescents, forming 20.8% of the population had used alcohol. Out of these, 36,000 (12%) had indulged in binge drinking, according to the report from the Office of Applied Studies, a component of SAMHSA. Additionally, 8000 men and 7000 women went without treatment for their drug addiction, with 11,000 women and 6000 men requiring treatment for alcohol problems and not receiving it.

If you are in Norwich, CT, and have been unsuccessful in controlling your drug abuse or alcohol problem, it is suggested that you solicit help from our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Norwich. Select the most effective treatment strategy suitable of your individual condition to increase your chances of a successful rehabilitation. There are various degrees of drug and alcohol abuse as well as addiction. For instance, some people have a long history of repeated attempts at handling their addiction but to no avail. For such patients, it would be better to go in for a long term residential program in Norwich, CT, as it can be more productive in case of multiple attempts made towards sobriety. On the other hand, if you only have a short history and find difficulty in controlling the habit, a counseling or outpatient treatment option could easily address the problem.

List Of Norwich, Connecticut Addiction Treatment Facilities

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