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Scholarships For Alcohol And Drug Rehab – How To Get Free Rehab

Scholarships For Alcohol And Drug Rehab – How To Get Free Rehab

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Addiction Treatment Centers That Take Scholarships

Many who seek rehab for drug addiction are without financial means to pay for treatment on their own. One of the tragic ironies about prolonged and untreated substance use disorder (SUD) is that it takes over practically every aspect of life, including career, savings, and financial health. This means those who suffer addiction are often unable to even procure basic resources such as shelter and emergency medical care, much less addiction treatment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that more than twenty million Americans currently suffer from SUD. This population often overlaps with the more than twenty-seven million Americans who still don’t have health insurance. One of the ways private treatment centers sometimes offset the cost of care is by offering assistance or scholarships for drug rehab.

What Are Scholarships for Drug Rehab?

Much like at a college or university, some private treatment facilities offer partial or even full financial assistance to eligible patients who have no means to pay for treatment on their own. These are almost always needs-based and available only to those who have no other resources. These scholarships may cover all or part of treatment depending on the treatment center’s available resources as well as prospective client’s financial position and care needs. Most rehabs set aside a certain portion of income to offer scholarships every year, and there may also be multiple state-funded resources to help one more easily secure access to treatment.

What Treatments Are Covered by Drug Rehab Scholarships?

The scope of treatment covered under drug rehab scholarships differs according to a wide range of variables, including the specific treatment center, the scholarship amount, the patient’s care needs, and more. At a minimum, scholarships should cover detox and acute withdrawal management. Depending on the level of assistance available and the facility’s treatment options, drug rehab scholarships may cover a variety of modalities, including but not limited to

Scholarships generally cover the duration of the treatment program and don’t include long-term care or interventions beyond the facility’s treatment paradigm.

How Can I Find a Scholarship for Addiction Treatment?

As the opioid addiction crisis claims the lives of more and more Americans, and the threat of other drugs like cocaine and marijuana persists, more and more treatment facilities are setting aside treatment resources for patients in need. The first step is to do some research with the help of a loved one to find out what treatment facilities offer financial assistance to narrow your options. Once you’ve established what treatment facility is best for you, contact their admissions department for details regarding their scholarship offerings. Be prepared to answer questions about your insurance coverage, care needs, substance use history, past treatment attempts, and more.

Other Options Besides A Scholarship

Other options for treatment assistance include government grants (access to recovery vouchers, SABG block grant), loans—some of which specialize in addiction treatment lending— insurance coverage, and even personal loans from friends or family. A scholarship may be the quickest and most direct way to get into a program and seek the treatment you need to overcome your addiction and start living your life. The most important thing is to get help immediately and seek treatment however possible. Far too many SUD sufferers live with addiction without ever getting the help they need. Although paying for drug or alcohol addiction treatment may seem like a costly and overwhelming endeavor, there is help out there—and it may be closer than you realize.


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