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List Of Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Medicare And Medicaid

List Of Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Medicare And Medicaid

List Of All Rehab Centers That Accept  Medicaid And Medicare Nearby



Medicare and Medicaid are two programs designed to help Americans afford necessary medical care, including those looking to start rehabilitation in an addiction treatment center. Finding a treatment center that will accept these programs can be challenging, but knowing where to look can help start your journey on the right foot.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal insurance program for adults sixty-five and older, or people under sixty-five who are disabled. Care is paid for with the money put in by those insured over the course of their working lives. Funds are put into a trust until they can be used by the insured, and Medicare offers a low premium for retirees. Many retirees and disabled people on the Medicare program require a supplemental insurance policy to keep costs for treatment as low as possible as they get older. This program pays for a portion of addiction treatment if needed.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federal-state assistance program for people of all ages. Each state has different policies and procedures while following guidelines set by the federal government. Qualification is based on income and other circumstances relating to accessibility. Medicaid pays for most medical treatments in full, although some insured through Medicaid are charged a very small copay for services and medications.

Finding a Treatment Center that Accepts Medicare

The Physician Compare tool on lists all treatment facilities that accept Medicare insurance in your area. Each rehabilitation facility is part of a network, updated in the federal system in real time. You may also want to contact your supplemental insurance provider to see if both policies can help cover all or the majority of your treatment and aftercare. If you have further questions about your policy, you can access help, with your caseworker, to ensure you’re using every resource available to you.

Finding a Treatment Center that Accepts Medicaid

Finding a treatment center that Medicaid will cover is a bit trickier because the services vary from state to state. The best course of action would be to contact your Medicaid caseworker for a list of centers in your area. If you are not currently covered by Medicaid, you may visit your state assistance website or local office to apply. If you have a list of treatment facilities in mind, call or email the centers directly to ask. Most facility websites will clearly state if Medicaid is accepted.

How Has Access to Addiction Treatment Changed Since the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

The Affordable Care Act has lifted many past limitations that made addiction treatment difficult to obtain. For example, insurance companies are no longer allowed to decline coverage for preexisting conditions. Addiction is no longer identified as such and allows those seeking recovery to find affordable coverage for their treatment. The recent opioid crisis has raised awareness of the need for treatment and has pushed lawmakers to find ways to encourage rehabilitation for those struggling with addiction.

Affording Quality Care with Medicaid and Medicare

Insurance requirements vary from facility to facility, so it’s always important to check to see what your rehabilitation facility of choice will accept. If you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, it is possible to use these programs to help ease the financial burden of treatment. If you or a loved one is in the process of comparing treatment centers, visit our treatment locator for a breakdown of options in your area or visit your state in the list below.


Find Addiction Treatment Centers That Accept Medicaid By State

Find Addiction Treatment Centers That Accept Medicare By State

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