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Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Executive Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

The perception of addiction can sometimes be that it affects primarily lower-income populations. But not just the images of decimated inner cities or rural areas stricken by poverty can capture the full truth of the reach of addiction into our society. The reality is that addiction is a pervasive issue among higher-income Americans as well, including those in executive positions.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that three-quarters of the more than twenty million Americans suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) are employed. Many of these individuals occupy extremely high-paying positions such as CEO, CFO, lawyer, doctor, and others. Executive rehab centers offer specialized addiction treatment programs that address the unique and specific issues that drive high-powered professionals to substance abuse. They are usually private facilities offering inpatient treatment services in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Executive Addiction by the Numbers

SAMHSA’s National Survey on Drug Use and Mental Health reports that professional in the management industry, where the largest concentration of executives work, had the third-highest rates of current illicit drug use, at 12.1 percent. This group also had some of the highest rates of current heavy alcohol use and past-year SUD. Data from the Mayo Clinic indicates that 10 to 12 percent of doctors are likely to develop substance use disorders during their careers.

Another study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine revealed that 69 percent of doctors abused prescription drugs. One more study published in the journal reveals that in organizations with five thousand employees or more, an average of fifteen members of the executive staff will be struggling with substance use disorder. The scope of substance abuse among executives includes virtually every type of substance, including alcohol, opioids, cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, and more—this is a problem that knows no discrimination or socioeconomic boundaries. Executive rehab centers have become increasingly common in more affluent locales because of the enormity of SUD within this community.

Why Are So Many Executives Driven to Addiction?

Executives and other high-powered professionals face a unique and extraordinary set of factors that drive and sustain their substance abuse. While each person’s substance use issues are specific and should be treated as such, some of the common reasons for addiction among executives include:

  • Stress over the scope of their work
  • Immediate access to alcohol and other drugs
  • Self-medication for quality-of-life issues (lack of sleep, irregular schedule, stress-related ulcers, chronic pain, etc.)
  • Ego issues (belief in not being prone to drug or alcohol addiction)
  • Pressure to perform at the office

Some speculate that executives are actually neurologically wired with heightened vulnerability to addiction and that the traits that make an effective leader (out-of-the-box thinking, drive, ambition, creativity, etc.) can lead to substance use. Executive rehab centers are trained to deal with these specialized lifestyles and neurological factors to give patients a well-rounded recovery experience. The goal is to help them become effective leaders again by overcoming their drug or alcohol abuse.

Heavy Is the Crown: The Widespread Consequences of Executive Addiction

Another unique and especially unfortunate aspect of executive addiction is that it could impact the lives of dozens, hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of people. It’s common for all people suffering addiction to miss work, neglect professional responsibility, and engage in high-risk behavior, and executives are no different. Unfortunately, their poor performance can halt professional productivity, create dysfunction within their organization, and resonate through every area of their company, affecting even the lowest-level employees. This level of responsibility, somewhat paradoxically, is one of the principal factors that leads to and sustains substance use in the first place. Executive rehab centers can not only help corporate leaders reclaim their lives from addiction, but they can also help restore order and productivity to their companies.

What Happens at Executive Rehab Centers?

Executive rehab centers offer a higher-end treatment experience to help keep this particular clientele comfortable and further motivated toward the rehab process. Patients stay in beautifully appointed rooms and enjoy multiple amenities not often found in everyday treatment centers. These facilities are staffed with world-class doctors and mental health professionals, and programs usually last anywhere from thirty to ninety days. Many executive rehab centers allow patients to stay connected with their company and keep working while they’re in treatment. These facilities cost an average of $60,000 for a thirty-day stay, with some reaching nearly $100,000. Insurance companies may or may not cover executive rehab centers, depending upon cost and other factors.

Do You Need Executive Addiction Treatment?

Your family and your employees depend on you to be a lucid, active, and present leader, and you owe it to yourself to get the help you need for drug and alcohol addiction. Executive Rehab Centers understand the unique plight of high-powered professionals suffering addiction and can offer quality, targeted care. Get the help you need now to take control of your health, your company, and your life.


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