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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In New London, Connecticut (5)

Connecticut ranks among the top ten states for abuse of illicit drugs, especially among those aged 18 to 25 years according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health report for 2007-2008. The most commonly abused drug in New London, CT is heroin, with a national average of 8% using illicit drugs for the period surveyed. In addition, 3.26% of the residents were reported to have used other illicit drugs apart from marijuana, almost equal to the national average of 3.58%. 444 people had died in the State due to the use of illicit drugs in the year 2007, which works out to 12.7% for every 100,000 of the population, similar to the national average.

Heroin is among the most commonly abused drug in New London, CT and the cause for the primary admissions in the state. Those who are psychologically and physically dependent on heroin and other such drugs can surely make attempts to cut down their intake, but sometimes it becomes beyond their control. Our directory listings of rehab centers in and around New London, CT, can offer them the much needed help they need to control their addiction, as they need help in dealing with the problem that has taken on a destructive force.

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