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Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the US. As far as Norwalk, CT, is concerned, more than 10.9% of the 297,000 adolescents in the state had used some form of illicit drugs during the month. This was according to a report from the Office of Applied Studies, a SAMHSA component, estimating adolescent behavioral health patterns for the state. The report further goes on to add that 8.9% of the adolescents had used marijuana and 4.4% of them had used other illicit drugs for the studied period. 8000 males and an equal number of female adolescents had also used pain relievers for non-medical purposes during the year before the interview.

If you need drug or alcohol treatment in Norwalk, CT, our directory listings can be of immense help to you in finding the best rehab center for your individual addiction problems. You will find different kinds of treatments available, including counseling and psychotherapy along with support groups and family therapy, inpatient and outpatient options. By opting for the right program, rehabilitation centers can lessen your drug use. There are also alcohol rehab programs in Norwalk, CT, to help you overcome our problem, develop good relationships and enjoy a gratifying career and satisfaction in life. The programs focus on improving your self-worth and say a firm no to addiction and yes to a healthy option.

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