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Reports have been obtained regarding adolescent behavioral patterns in the state and in Ely, NV, which show that33.2% of the drug admissions in the state, constituting 1,739 adolescents were related to use of methamphetamine. Out of these admissions, 24% were male adolescents and 50.4% were female adolescents. In addition, there was a problem of unmet drug addiction treatment among the adolescents of the state, with 8,000 adolescents totally, consisting of 3,000 females and 5,000 males, who had needed but did not receive treatment for their addictions.

Many people think that addictions can be overcome with the help of willpower. When a person is addicted for a long period, it results in changes in the brain due to exposure to drugs. This results in strong cravings, which makes quitting on one’s own very difficult. Our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Ely, NV, can offer you the best options for recovery from addiction. Many people feel that they need to hit rock bottom before they access help for addiction and they justify themselves saying their addiction is not serious and does not warrant treatment. However, if you know someone in need of help, you need to advise them that it is never too early to help, and in fact, the sooner the better.

List Of Ely, Nevada Addiction Treatment Facilities

Ely Health Station

  • Address: 400 Newe View Drive
  • Address: Suite B
  • City: Ely
  • State: NV
  • Zip Code: 89301
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