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Access To Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In Nevada

According to the National Substance abuse Index (NSAI), there were 10,797 persons admitted in the state facilities for drug rehabilitation in Nevada in 2005. Out of them, 3,122 were addicted to alcohol, 1,391 consumed cocaine and 1,383 abused marijuana. Between 2003 and 2005, the Nevada Department seized 227 underground Meth labs. 582 persons were arrested for possessing banned substances. To help those who cannot afford rehab treatment and fall in the low income group, the federal government in association with the state government has come up with treatment program, Access to Recovery. Under this program special vouchers are issued to the economically eligible for compulsory rehab treatment. Under this men, women, children, the disabled and the elderly receive medication, therapy, counseling and life skill training to successfully eradicate their addiction.

Substance dependency causes several disorders of the body and mind. Besides, the risk of communicable diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis also increases. Do you know anyone who is unable to afford rehab treatment? Are you a patient of drug addiction? Do you want to kick this deadly habit completely? Then call up a rehab near you immediately. Our website has the most detailed list of drug rehabs in Nevada. Get in touch with them for a fast recovery.

List Of Nevada Addiction Treatment Facilities

There are no Access To Recovery Rehabs in Nevada. Please visit: Access To Recovery Rehabs Near Me

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