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According to statistics obtained from the Office of Applied Studies for the state of Nevada and for Dayton, NV, it has been noted that 10.9% of the adolescents in the state had used some form of illicit drugs. In addition, it was noted that 8.3% of the adolescents had used marijuana and 4.4% of the total had used some other illicit drug. As for alcohol problems in the state, it was estimated that 16.7% of adolescents had used alcohol, with 11.3% of them engaging in binge drinking, which is indulging in more than 5 drinks in a single occasion on any one day in a month. The statistics point to the urgent need for intervention programs targeting the needs of adolescent addiction problems in the state.

Many of the people admitted for drug problems had used these drugs for recreation purposes, but many of them also use them as they are severely addicted to them and are unable to resist the temptation. If you know someone in need of help with drug or alcohol addiction, we can offer help through our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Dayton, NV. When the abuse of drugs gets out of control, the best solution is to get help from recovery programs at rehab centers. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a very complicated problem and can affect the brain of the person in several different and negative ways. Most people find it very difficult to handle the problem and become very vulnerable to such dependency, requiring professional help from rehab centers.

List Of Dayton, Nevada Addiction Treatment Facilities

Rural Nevada Counseling

  • Address: 120 Pike Street
  • City: Dayton
  • State: NV
  • Zip Code: 89403
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