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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Senatobia, Mississippi (1)

According to the estimates received from the Office of Applied Studies for the US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, 21,000 adolescents in the state had used illicit drugs, with 12,000 of these using marijuana and 14,000 some other illicit drugs. Moreover, 36,000 of the adolescents had used alcohol, with 20,000 of these adolescents engaging in binge drinking, which constitute drinking more than 5 drinks on a single occasion. As for prescription drugs, 9000 female adolescents and 10,000 male adolescents had used pain relievers for non-medical purposes during the studied period, showing the gravity of drug and alcohol-related problems in the state as well as in Senatobia, MS.

Our directory listings of rehab centers for alcohol and drugs are located all over the state and also in and around Senatobia, MS. Programs offered range from outpatient to inpatient ones, short term to long term ones, according to individual addiction problems. If you are being treated for withdrawal symptoms, you may have to remain in the center for observation, at least in the beginning, so that there is proper monitoring of the heart rate and breathing and other fluids in the body. Many of the programs typically begin with detoxification, where the body is rid of the drugs and the symptoms of withdrawal are managed, followed by a combination of behavioral therapy and medication.

List Of Senatobia, Mississippi Addiction Treatment Facilities

Communicare/Tate County Office

  • Address: 101 Preston McKay Drive
  • City: Senatobia
  • State: MS
  • Zip Code: 38668
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