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Access To Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In Mississippi

In 2005, there were 10,065 persons receiving drug abuse care and rehabilitation in Mississippi. There were 4,188 alcoholics, 2,185 Cocaine addicts, 587 who were dependant on Heroin and Meth and 2,003 Marijuana takers. As mentioned by the National Substance abuse Index (NSAI), 13 % of the youth (18-35) are regular substance dependents. Access to Recovery is a jointly funded substance rehab treatment for low income individuals and families. Every year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announces grants for the states. In 2006, the total funds amounted to $3.3 billion. These vouchers can be redeemed at the state rehabs to get the best medications and therapies in curing one’s addiction.

You can find in our website the most detailed list of drug rehab facilities in Mississippi. An addict is at the risk of developing severe mental and physical debilities like neurosis, schizophrenia, coronary diseases, high blood pressure, pneumonia and different types of cancer. If you know any drug addict who belongs to low income group, do not hesitate to call up a rehab today. If you do not want to live the life of a drug addict, call up a rehab today. Under a team of expert doctors, nurses and therapists you can get a complete recovery from this deadly habit.

List Of Mississippi Addiction Treatment Facilities

There are no Access To Recovery Rehabs in Mississippi. Please visit: Access To Recovery Rehabs Near Me

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