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Mississippi Methadone Maintenance Drug Rehab Centers (1)

According to National Substance Abuse Index, in between 2001-2005 a total of 65 heroin addicts were admitted into rehabilitation in the state of Mississippi. In Americans methadone is a prescribed drug, a synthetic opiate which is used as maintenance treatment for heroin addiction. Addiction to heroin and other opioids cannot be fought without medical intervention. To neutralize the insidious effect of drugs, opioid analgesic medications (pain killers) are recommended to patients. Methadone can help stabilize the improper functionality of the brain caused due to continuous substance abuse. Methadone does not provide a euphoric rush. The prescribed drug is long-acting, so the patient doesn't experience the extreme mood swings that usually accompany fluctuating of heroin blood levels. Methadone treatment is a cost effective alternative to incarceration or hospitalization.

To get a person decontaminated of heroin and other opiate drugs, methadone maintenance treatment is a pragmatic option. A patient should be immediately admitted into a methadone maintenance center. Our website is the complete directory of rehabs and treatment centers in your state. We cover the whole of America and believe every person who requires methadone maintenance should get it. Browse through our directory to find out a center near you and help someone in need.

List of Methadone Clinics in Mississippi

ALTR of Jackson LLC

  • Address: 500 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
  • Address: Suite D
  • City: Jackson
  • State: MS
  • Zip Code: 39216
  • Type Of Treatment Provided: Methadone maintenance treatment for addiction
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