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pNSDUH statistics regarding misuse of drugs as well as prescription drugs shows that around 10,000 adolescent males had taken pain relievers for non-medical use. As for females, there were 9,000 adolescents who admitted to such abuse during the month of review. When comparing the rates of abuse among adolescent males and females, it was found to be 7.1% among the females and 7.9% for males. 9,000 males and 9,000 females required treatment for drug addiction but had not received it, according to the report from the Office of Applied Studies for SAMHSA.

Abuse of prescription drugs is becoming a crisis in the state and also in Clarksdale, MS. Millions of adolescents and adults are succumbing to the temptation of stimulant prescriptions along, with the abuse of opioid prescriptions, barbiturates and benzodiazepines or benzos as they are called. These drugs are increasingly available and the risk perceptions regarding such drugs are also on the decline. This has led to an increased addiction of such drugs. It is important to take remedial steps immediately. Our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Clarksdale, MS, will offer you the best options for getting rid of such addictions and leading a clean and healthy life.

List Of Clarksdale, Mississippi Addiction Treatment Facilities

Region I Mental Health Center/Alcohol and Drug Services

  • Address: 1742 Cheryl Street
  • Address: Health Services Building
  • City: Clarksdale
  • State: MS
  • Zip Code: 38614
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