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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Monroe, Georgia (2)

A serious problem confronting the youth in Monroe is that of drug abuse. Alcoholism and rampant use of drugs such as marijuana, stimulants, and inhalants pose a serious threat to the citizens of Monroe, Georgia. More than 15% of the drug addictions in Monroe are due to heroin. The survey conducted by SAMHSA revealed that the rate of death per 100,000 populations in the year 2008 due to drug overdose or due to indiscriminate use of opioid pain relievers in the state was found to be 9.5. Statistics revealed that in Monroe, Georgia, the people who use marijuana number around 550, 241 are abusers of prescription drugs, 90 are addicted to cocaine, 40 people use hallucinogens, 22 are addicted to inhalants, and 5 people are addicted to heroin.

Monroe drug rehab centers provide various treatment programs incorporating extra-curricular activities in combination with detoxification to ensure holistic treatment. The rise in Monroe drug admissions in the past four years indicate the positive trend in getting rid of the addiction by the addicts once and for all. More than 7000 admissions to the rehab centers consist of heroin addicts in Monroe. Our website promotes general awareness on the issue of substance abuse and offers a solution to the problem too. Those who need the best treatment options are provided information by our website.

List Of Monroe, Georgia Addiction Treatment Facilities

Twin Lakes Recovery Center

  • Address: 398 Highway 11 SW
  • City: Monroe
  • State: GA
  • Zip Code: 30655
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