Alltreatment Editor Chance Campbell and Lauren King

September 27th, 2012

Alltreatment Editor Chance Campbell and Lauren King

The following is an interview between Alltreatment Editor Chance Campbell and Lauren King, a survivor of methamphetamine addiction and co-author of Addicted Like Me.  Alltreatment Editor Chance Campbell and Lauren King are doing a interview. Alltreatment Editor Chance Campbell CC: Thanks for ...

What Would You Say to an Addict?

September 6th, 2012

What Would You Say to an Addict?

Each individual has a unique perspective on addiction. Some view it as a disease; others, a choice. By all who have seen or experienced the horrific grip that drugs can take on the life of an addict, one hopeful conclusion can ultimately be drawn: recovery is possible. Keeping in mind the ...

Interview with Addiction Novelist Marni Mann

July 4th, 2012

Interview with Addiction Novelist Marni Mann

Marni Mann is the author of two novels about drug addiction, Memoirs Aren’t Fairytalesand its sequel Scars from a Memoir. Intrigued by her experiences and motivations for writing these novels, we started a conversation with Marni to learn more. AT: We’re very pleased to be able to speak ...

Dying for Triplicate: An Interview with Todd Zalkins

June 22nd, 2012

Dying for Triplicate: An Interview with Todd Zalkins

Many addicts can say they’ve been to hell and back. For Todd Zalkins, it took seventeen years, four types of painkillers, and a doctor describing his case as “the worst he had ever seen” to finally come back from the hell that was his painkiller addiction. Today, more than five years ...

July 11th, 2011

Smokeless Tobacco Addiction: an Interview with Greg of KillTheCan

AllTreatment conducted an interview with Greg, co-founder of –– a website dedicated to helping people quit smokeless tobacco. KillTheCan has a quitter community with a membership of over 8,000, 2 blogs, a live chat, social media presence ...

June 13th, 2011

Internet Addiction Symptoms and Treatment: An Interview with Dr. Kimberly Young

Dr. Kimberly Young is a licensed psychologist and professor at St. Bonaventure University who  founded the Center for Internet Addiction in 1995. She has written numerous books and articles on the subject, and has spoken about Internet addiction at various universities and conferences around ...

June 9th, 2011

Eating Disorders and Recovery: an Interview with Carrie of Moves ‘N Munchies

  While most of us have heard of eating disorders, we often aren’t aware of the deep internal struggle they produce—or the steps necessary to finally regain control of one’s life. I interviewed Carrie of Moves ‘n Munchies, a blog about healthy eating, exercise, and ...

March 28th, 2011

Interview with Rod Colvin on Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs has been a part of American culture for years, yet this issue is seldom addressed as seriously as illegal drug abuse.  With so many addictive prescription drugs on the market, many with adverse effects to users, and by extension, their families and loved ones, we ...

February 28th, 2011

Interview with the Recovery Rabbi

Rabbi Yisrael Pinson runs the web site Jewish Recovery, as well his personal blog Recovery Rabbi.  Using these tools, as well as the Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House, located in West Bloomfield, MI, he reaches out to the recovering Jewish community, where he is “dedicated to helping Jewish ...

February 22nd, 2011

Interview with C-P of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help

We interviewed C-P, creator of the addiction help site His website provides information, advice, and resources for alcoholics and drug addicts–as well as their families and friends–to educate themselves and find help. AllTreatment: How did ...

February 21st, 2011

The Last Chance Texaco – Interview

Chris has struggled with Crystal Meth since his 20’s, but I can’t tell his story as well as he can, so i suggest you read it here now he is four years sober.  He runs the blog The Last Chance Texaco where he details his daily struggle, and speaks on just about all topics related […]

February 21st, 2011

Drinking Diaries – An Interview

Drinking Diaries – From Celebration to Revelation is a forum where women can come together to share experiences involving alcohol in an open, inviting and fun atmosphere.  Run by Caren Osten Gerszberg and Leah Odze Epstein, both writers who are currently working on a book together, the ...

February 16th, 2011

Interview with Stephen Wallace of SADD

We interviewed Stephen Wallace, national chairman of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Wallace shared his thoughts and knowledge regarding underage drinking and the U.S. drinking age law. AllTreatment: Can you briefly explain who SADD are and what you do for the organization? ...

January 25th, 2011

E Cigarettes According to Professor Brad Rodu

As E Cigarettes become a more prevalent alternative to smoking, we sought out expert in the field of tobacco products Brad Rodu, to shed some light on the matter. As well as being a well qualified expert in his feild, Brad runs Tobacco Truth, an interesting blog based on scientific studies and ...

January 25th, 2011

Interview With an Expert on Video Game Addiction

Video Games are everywhere.  Not too long ago, video games were reserved for a niche audience, but the pastime has evolved into a mainstream media giant with story lines and graphics rivaling Hollywood CG films.  The rise of video games has grown, hand in hand, with the rise in video game ...

January 24th, 2011

Interview with a Sexual Addiction Recovery Specialist

Sex addiction is an increasingly prevalent addiction in our society, an addiction just as capable at ruining lives as serious drug addiction.  To learn more, we contacted Chad over at Kick Sex Addiction for an interview.  Chad runs a support group in Chicago, and along with a community of other ...

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