Interview with C-P of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help

February 22nd, 2011

We interviewed C-P, creator of the addiction help site His website provides information, advice, and resources for alcoholics and drug addicts–as well as their families and friends–to educate themselves and find help.

AllTreatment: How did Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help come about?

C-P: I just wanted to create an outlet that could help others better understand the nature of addiction and how to go about trying to overcome it successfully. For many, addiction is still largely misunderstood and carries a certain negative social stigma, which prevents people from getting the help the need. But thanks to the internet these days you can learn a lot in the safety of your own home, and hopefully the more people get properly informed and educated that way, the more they’ll be willing to take action and ask for help.

AllTreatment: You have given a great deal of advice to recovering addicts and their friends/families. What separates an addict from a non-addict? In other words, how does a drug or alcohol user know that they’ve become addicted?

C-P: The way I simplify it is when your drinking or using drugs starts becoming a problem for you. In other words, when your emotional, spiritual, personal life, relationships, job etc. start becoming affected due to your drinking/drug using, you know you’ve got a problem that you need to do something about. And that’s ultimately all that matters. Sometimes people get stuck on labels and what really does/doesn’t define addiction, but if your drinking or drug using is starting to cause problems for you and you can’t moderate or control it, then your problem is serious enough to get help for.

AllTreatment: What prevents alcoholics and drug addicts from receiving the help they need? How can they overcome these setbacks?

C-P: Denial remains the biggest obstacle. Many think they can control it and so refuse to acknowledge their problem fully. But moderation/control just doesn’t work for someone pre-disposed toward addiction. I also think that because alcoholism/drug addiction do still carry such a negative stigma, many people are too ashamed or embarrassed to admit they have a problem, which prevents them from getting the help they need.

Step number one in recovery is always acknowledging you have a problem. Until you do that, you won’t be willing to ask for help. There is no shame in struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, so the sooner a person admits to their problem and gets the appropriate help, the better.

AllTreatment: What are some important things for addicts to keep in mind during recovery?

C-P: Recovery doesn’t just happen. It takes work and commitment. Those who stay sober and become healthy and happy individuals are inevitably those who have worked hard at changing themselves and their self-destructive tendencies. The rewards that a life of recovery brings are well worth it, but it takes hard work to achieve that.

AllTreatment: Oftentimes family members and close friends must suffer the negative consequences of an addict’s actions. How can they cope? How does the role of the family factor into an addict’s recovery?

C-P: They have to remember that they can’t control or cure the addict – so putting in boundaries in place and learning to detach from the choices the addict makes are crucial. And then make sure the addict is held fully accountable for the choices he makes and that he experiences all consequences that come with his choosing to a live a life of addiction, no matter how bad. If he’s allowed to fall and in doing so reaches his bottom, he’ll hopefully reach the point where he’s open to receiving help.

AllTreatment: How are alcoholism and drug addiction prevented?

C-P: I don’t think you can prevent them to be honest. Education obviously plays a huge role, especially the role of parents in making their children aware of the dangers of addiction. But you can still do all the right things in terms of parenting and educating, and people will still get addicted. There are just too many causes and variables at play, many of which no one can control.

AllTreatment: What are some of the most important/interesting things that you have learned through maintaining Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Help?

C-P: Just how many people are affected by alcoholism and drug addiction, whether it be personally or through a loved one. The scope of the problem is massive. But the only way to tackle these problems is head-on. Nothing changes if nothing changes – so educating oneself, while a crucial step, solves nothing. You have to take action before anything will change, and unfortunately too many people stay stuck between having all the info and knowing what to do – and then actually going out and doing it.

AllTreatment: If you could give one piece of advice to anyone struggling with an addiction, what would it be?

C-P: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are loads of people out there ready and waiting to help you. Addiction can be overcome and no matter how bad things are for you right now, know that you can turn things around. So don’t wait, act now.

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