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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Tomah, Wisconsin (4)

The NSDUH in its report for SAMHSA, the US Department of Health and Human Services, shows that about 51,000 of the adolescents in the state abuse some kind of illicit drug, according to studies conducted in 2003 to 2006 in Wisconsin and also in Tomah, WI. Apart from this, the misuse of prescription drugs for non medical purposes is another issue of major health concern, as more than 16,000 male adolescents and 17,000 female adolescents admitted to the use of some kind of prescription drugs during the year studied, though there was not much difference between the number of males and females abusing such pain killers, with 6.5% of females against 7.4% males.

There are many adolescents in Wisconsin as well as in Tomah, WI, who are in need of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our directory listings can help them to access help immediately, to put them on the road to permanent sobriety. Detoxification processes are initially carried out on the particular drug that is abused and this is followed by a specific and suitable therapy and counseling sessions, both individual and group sessions. Addiction is something that is chronic by nature and, therefore, the medical personnel also make an attempt to identify the basic or underlying causes for the addiction in the first place, so that there is no relapse after the person leaves the rehab center.

List Of Tomah, Wisconsin Addiction Treatment Facilities

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