Addiction Treatment Centers In Midway, Utah

The N-SSATS and the TEDS offer estimates of the number of people undergoing treatment for substance abuse in the state as well as in Midway, UT. The figures show that 86% of the admissions in a one-day census were related to outpatient categories, whereas 12% of the total admissions were found to be below the age of 18 years. The charts also showed decreasing number of admissions that were related to alcohol and increasing number of admissions related to marijuana, heroin and particularly methamphetamine, which was the highest.

Our directory listings of rehab centers that are located in Midway, UT, and also in other places in the state can offer various options of recovery and assistance towards living a clean and sober life. Different programs, such as residential or inpatient and outpatient programs are offered to clients. All programs are created with the same goal of achieving sobriety for the clients. There are both individual and group therapy sessions, with 12 step groups as well as other support groups, to prevent relapse even after the program is over. The programs may, however, be short term ones or long term ones, according to individual needs as well as the intensity and the type of addiction from which the person is suffering.

Chateau Recovery

  • Address: 375 Rainbow Lane
  • City: Midway
  • State: UT
  • Zip Code: 84049
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