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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Charlotte, Michigan (1)

According to the data received from the survey of national substance abuse index, NSAI, Charlotte feature high in the list of drug-affected cities of Michigan. According to the same data, 50, 326 cases of substance abuse and admission in the rehab center were reported in 2005. Among this 10,958 people take alcohol along with a secondary drug which is very harmful. The drug arrest has also increased from 2004, with the number of arrests recorded being 595 in 2005 compared to 531 in 2004. The maximum of these people is from the age group of 18- 35. The data is quite alarming and the Charlotte drug problems are damaging the youth.

The availability of drugs has increased and thus, the Charlotte drug admission has also increased. However, the positive fact is that the government is in favor of setting up rehab centers in the city and thus numerous rehab centers are offering their services to people in need. Our website has all the contact information about each and every rehab center in your area. If you know someone who is in the grip of addiction, then come and join hand with us, in the effort to save lives. Provide the details of our website or the details of the rehab centers and help people get back to the normal flow of life.

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