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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Laredo, Texas (7)

The reports offered by the TEDS and N-SSATS from the Office of Applied Studies for SAMHSA, show that around 184,000 adolescents in the state, including Laredo, TX, had admitted to the use of illicit drugs, during the studied period. Among these, 116,000 had admitted to abuse of marijuana and 107,000 had admitted to using some other illicit drug. It was also observed in the study that male adolescents were more likely to have abused marijuana than their female counterparts. Even in case of alcohol addiction, male adolescents were found to be more dependent, with 23,000 male adolescents and 13,000 females using alcohol during the studied year.

Those who are suffering from such addictions can seek help from our directory listings of rehab centers in and around Laredo, TX. The centers offer detoxification as well as medical support along with cognitive behavioral therapies and a holistic method of treatment. Such treatment is able to analyze the patterns that influence the addict’s behavior. They are able to break this cycle of negative patterns in thinking and help the addict by replacing them with better and healthier options and thinking. These are highly beneficial in helping the addict overcome temptations in life even after he has left the facility.

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