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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Farmington, New Mexico (5)

The NSDUH provides statistics on alcohol and drug abuse in New Mexico and in Farmington, NM. It has estimated that 19.6% of the adolescents in New Mexico, constituting 34,000 of the total had abused alcohol. Among the adolescent population, 22,000, constituting 12.5% of the whole, had engaged in binge drinking, which is termed as drinking more than 5 drinks in a single occasion for even one day in a month. The rates of abuse were almost similar among the male and female adolescents. In the case of alcohol, the rate was 19.4% among males compared to 19.8% among females. In case of binge drinking, it was 12.8% for males vs. 12.3% for female adolescents.

We have listed some of the best rehab centers for alcohol and drug addiction, to be found in and around Farmington, NM. Such centers can provide the best means for those undergoing addiction problems to get a complete detox and then begin the treatment process that is individualized for each person’s specific problem. Addiction can have unique effects on each person, so the treatment also involves the family, in order to ensure a lifetime that is free from addiction and one that receives support from the immediate family. Many have defined addiction as a chronic disease and, therefore, it can also be treated completely without the fear of a relapse, if treatment is accessed at the right time and the right place.

List Of Farmington, New Mexico Addiction Treatment Facilities

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