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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Oak Grove, Louisiana (1)

Oak Grove is one of the cities in LA that has been overwhelmed by drug addiction. Oak GROVE, Hospital E.R drug related admissions for the past year were released and heroin was proved to be the most abused having 18 admissions. It was followed by Xanax which carried 9 admissions, cocaine 7 admissions and ecstasy with 2 admissions. US DRUG Trends also found out that that 13% of residents had used hard drugs. 10% consume alcohol intensely. 8,521 individuals are the people currently living in the city and 2,045 people are heavy alcohol drinkers.

Based on Louisiana Drug Statistics and facts, 2010 had 26, 334 admissions into alcohol and drug rehabilitation. National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services in 2006 found that 145 drug and alcohol rehabs. Across the past 15 years, alcohol consumption declined as admissions of Opiates personnel. Heroin and meth use in the same period had gone down. Last month, LA indicated 8% of illicit drug use nationwide and had 3,584 people admitted in rehab. Alcohol dependence individuals were 4,132 which comprised of other substance abuse. If you live in Oak Grove, LA and are among the addicts, contact us so we may help you locate the best rehab institutions.

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