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Access To Recovery Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers In Kansas

Drug addiction is a complicated disease that is often misunderstood. It can be hard for people who are addicted to seek out help due to the social stigma attached to having the disease. The Access to Recovery grants scheme was set up to provide vouchers for people to access recovery support services and substance abuse rehabilitation services. The grant scheme is administered by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Each grant is awarded to a state for three years. The vouchers available under this grant are meant to encourage people to choose a recovery facility that will work for them and allows them to access facilities that they may not have been able to due to cost. The director of the National Drug Control Policy said that the Access to Recovery scheme was vital for continuing to increase the number of Americans who have access to drug treatment.

The state of Kansas does not currently have a grant under the Access to Recovery scheme. However, that does not mean that people in Kansas do not have access to many drug rehabilitation facilities, including state funded facilities. Some of the addictions that people seek help for in Kansas are alcohol with a secondary drug, prescription drug addiction, cocaine, methamphetamines (meth), and marijuana. Please visit our website for a list of centres which can help you with your disease.

List Of Kansas Addiction Treatment Facilities

There are no Access To Recovery Rehabs in Kansas. Please visit: Access To Recovery Rehabs Near Me

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