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Most people would agree that education and prevention are important in the quest for fighting drug problems. However, without the statistical information to create awareness among the public about the severity of the situation, very little notable impact, highlights this subject. Various organizations are frantically working together to bring the addiction epidemic under control. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) monitors such abuses, providing figures that are notably quite alarming, such as 67% of ecstasy users are teen of which one in ten are very likely to try this drug at some point during their schooling life. Marijuana abuse has also risen by almost 25% and here too teens are the main age group users. Syracuse Indiana “Drug Problems” are not threatening yet, but to ignore the statistics and view the problem as under control would be disastrous by any standards.

In trying to use the educational and informational route, various supporting organizations including Syracuse Indiana “Drug Rehab” have put together information sources, which will help an individual, looking for a treatment to overcome the addiction. Some of the material describes warning signs to look out for and if you know of someone going through this phase, then encouraging them to seek help is the best advice to give.

List Of Syracuse, Indiana Addiction Treatment Facilities

Syracuse Outpatient Office/The Bowen Center

  • Address: 901 South Huntington Street
  • City: Syracuse
  • State: IN
  • Zip Code: 46567
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