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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Nashville, Indiana (1)

In the year 2008, approximately 1,500 total substance abuse treatment admissions were recorded in Nashville, of which 63% were male and 37% were female. Nashville drug admissions were more due to abuse of alcohol or cocaine with lesser likelihood due to either marijuana or opiates. Admissions below the age of 18 reported marijuana as their primary substance of abuse. However, it was observed that use of marijuana decreased with age. Conversely, alcohol intake increased with age. Smoked cocaine was the next most frequently abused substance among admissions aged 25 and more. Admissions in all races or ethnic groups in Emergency departments were due to alcohol primarily. Non-Hispanic White admissions were commonly reported due to opiates, non-Hispanic Blacks commonly reported smoked cocaine and Hispanic admissions commonly reported marijuana or smoked cocaine.

Nashville drug rehab centers have been active in implementing programs which ensured support during the recovery process to the patients who enrolled in the detoxification treatment. Our website carries contact details of the various rehab centers in Nashville with the different treatment programs briefly outlined. Support services include consultation with specialists for counseling, the setting of objectives or realistic goals, programs tailor-made to suit your recovery progress, assistance in getting lodging and employment, meetings with support groups after treatment, transportation, etc.

List Of Nashville, Indiana Addiction Treatment Facilities

Centerstone of Indiana Incorporated/Outpatient Office

  • Address: 91 West Mound Street
  • City: Nashville
  • State: IN
  • Zip Code: 47448
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