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Part of the problem many communities face today is the prevailing coexistence of drug abusers among them. An estimated 70 people were arrested and charged, with various forms of drug-related problems, last year alone. Studies have shown that those most likely to try drugs for the first time, fall into the 14-19 age group, followed closely by those in the 20-24 age group, proving that peer pressure has a significant impact on the younger set. Singles making up the bulk of the drug addicts, where 65% take heroin, 60% take marijuana, 52% take cocaine, and then a much lesser number indulging in ecstasy, LSD, and inhalants, clearly proves that without proper guidance and support, this impressionable stage in life is vulnerable to drugs.

Realizing that there is help out there and all that is needed, is for the individual to reach out, is not always the ideal scenario evident. The Lebanon Indiana “Drug Rehab” programs are put in place, with the hope that the Lebanon rehab facilities will be able to provide help to those seeking it. If you know of someone suffering from symptoms such as red eyes and enlarged pupils, degrading physical condition, a decrease in appetite and body tremors, then it’s time to take serious measures and seek help immediately.

List Of Lebanon, Indiana Addiction Treatment Facilities

Cummins Behavioral Health Systems Incorporated

  • Address: 940 Lasley Drive
  • City: Lebanon
  • State: IN
  • Zip Code: 46052
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