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Although statistics collected by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) does not discriminate between sexes, there is prevailing documentation that depicts males making up the bulk of addicts in Troy Alabama. Out of the almost 23,000 addicts on record, 68.4% were male while the remaining 31.6% were female. Troy Alabama “Drug Problems” are keenly being monitored by the relevant authorities and with establishments like SAMHSA, providing vital supporting statistics, the various parties are feverishly working together to try to successfully fight the drug abuse phenomenon. In 2010, various treatment centers recorded a combined figure of 2108 cocaine abuse patients using the smoking route of abuse, while 842 people used other kinds of cocaine abuse. Troy Alabama “Drug Admissions” documented an alarming rise of heroin abuse in 2008-2011. The rise is due to the heroin having higher purity levels and the drop in street pricing. Authorities like the DEA have been able to launch seizures, which resulted in an increase from 200 cases in 2007 to 600 cases in 2010.

Beating the addiction is possible now more than ever, with all the various agencies working together to provide support. Therefore, if you know of someone who needs this kind of help, take the first step and visit our website to learn more.

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