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2015 Drug Trends in Wyoming

2015 Drug Trends in Wyoming

Wyoming is yet another state that has a number of drug issues, similar to that of many of the other countries throughout the nation. Like many of the states in 2015, Wyoming seems to be dealing with problems related to the abuse of painkillers (prescription, as opposed to over the counter (OTC)); they also have a very large problem with marijuana, which has seemed to be exacerbated by the legalization of marijuana in Washington State and in Colorado. Let’s take a look at how some of these things have affected the state.


Painkillers, specifically OxyContin have been a huge problem in the United States, and Wyoming is no exception to this issue. Vicodin and Percocet are also widely used throughout the state, and because of that, the restrictions on these drugs have been tightened to the greatest degree possible. Some doctors will only prescribe them in certain situations, and much of the issues have been related to dental use after oral surgeries. Doctors will only prescribe 3-5 tablets total; dentists may give a patient up to 10 days worth of the drugs, which they usually don’t need. As a result, there are a lot more loose painkillers out there, thus making it easier for people to access the drugs that they are seeking.

Another big category of prescription medication that is abused throughout Wyoming is depressants. These types of medications, the most common of which is Valium (but there are definitely others that are abused and used), are very dangerous. They do the same thing as alcohol would, but to a greater degree. The body relaxes immensely, and if you take a certain amount of it, the person may end up having some more issues as well. All that being said, Valium is just one of the many medications in this category that are being used and abused regularly, and many doctors have been trying to ensure that these drugs don’t get out either.

Legislation that is currently being considered in Wyoming is looking to reduce the cases related to overdosing and abusing these sorts of medications. Even though a solution has not been completely hammered out yet, it is expected to be within the next year or so. It’s believed that, whatever system they end up doing, it will look similar to how Arizona and Texas have been taking care of similar issues.


Marijuana is an issue all over the country, and since more people have been fighting for its legalization, it’s important that we understand how it affects certain states. In Wyoming, the problem has gotten quite large due to its proximity to Colorado and how much has gotten from Colorado into Wyoming (and, of course, the other surrounding states that are also likely affected in many of the same ways). Even though both states have tried to curtail these issues from happening, there are still plenty of cases where the drugs get through to Wyoming, instead of staying in Colorado.

That being said, marijuana is not only coming from Colorado. There is also a lot of it that is grown within the state itself, especially in the areas that are a bit more rural and far away from the various cities in the state. There is also a small amount that is transported into the state by way of Mexico as well.

Marijuana is a big issue for a couple of reasons. First, like many drugs that you smoke, there are risks related to cancer and other problems that can really negatively affect the body. On top of that, it’s known to be a gateway drug – many people start with marijuana and then work their way onto harder drugs that they end up getting in even more trouble with. Even though there needs to be more research done in this area, there are still a number of concerns that are related to it, and people who consider using it should be aware of all of the potential risks.

Wyoming, even though it has a small population and a lot of rural areas, has its own share of drug issues. Thankfully, they have worked to try and make their rehab services more accessible to everyone who may be looking for a way to get out of whatever addiction that they may be fighting off at any point in time. All that being said, with some persistence and changes in the laws, Wyoming stands to be a state that can be a good example of how to handle today’s drug issues.

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