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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept ComPsych Corporation Health Insurance

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept ComPsych Corporation Health Insurance

Check To See If  Your ComPsych Corporation Health Insurance Plan Will Cover Rehab

ComPsych Corporation is one of the world’s largest providers of employee assistance programs (EAPs). EAPs are work-based programs that offer free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems. Included in the problems addressed by EAPs are substance abuse and addiction issues.

As opposed to personal health insurance plans, ComPsych provides its services to employers in the form of EAPs and management. These types of programs have several goals for the employers, starting with high quality care paired with cost-efficiency management. Some of these goals are achieved by:

  • Efficient claims administration.
  • Convenient pre-certification protocol.
  • Comprehensive outcome reporting.
  • A worldwide network of providers.

ComPsych EAPs and Addiction Treatment

The goal of EAPs is twofold:

  1. Assist employees in understanding how to cope with, find help for, and manage their personal problems.
  2. Reduce the number of days employees are absent from work, and improve the health and happiness of employees at work.

Receiving help through an EAP is completely confidential and allows employees fast and easy access. EAPs also directly notify the employer when an employee uses the services, so there are no complications in requesting time off or potentially endangering job status. Additionally, certain services through EAPs, such as therapy or counseling appointments, can be immediately scheduled rather than an employee having to wait several days or weeks to be seen.

So, how does all of this help you to find an addiction treatment program?

Not only can EAPs offer short-term counseling, but they can also provide helpful referrals to addiction treatment programs, specifically those that may be in-network with the employer-provided health insurance company. An EAP representative will be able to work with you and assess your situation through several sessions. The purpose of this is to determine what level of care is most appropriate for your situation. If it is determined that an inpatient or residential addiction treatment program is the best resource for you, an EAP can help to facilitate your time off from work through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well as transition you to the treatment program for immediate access.

Another helpful benefit of employee assistance programs is their connection, in some cases, to therapeutic work environments. This refers to employers who provide jobs for people recovering from addiction who have demonstrated abstinence. Similar to sober living environments, these employment opportunities are drug-free, and provide support and encouragement to improve job skills, punctuality, productivity, and various other recovery and work-focused skills.

ComPsych, Your Treatment, and Recovery

Although most people probably do not have an individual policy of any kind with ComPsych, the company plays an important role in the entire process of seeking addiction treatment help through an EAP—from the representatives who assess individual substance abuse cases to the management of time off from work to attend treatment, counseling sessions, and AA/NA meetings.

Companies like ComPsych use large-scale management and database administration to keep their services organized and operational. So, ComPsych and other similar companies may seem like huge bureaucracies, but the management and organization of data relating to the efficiency and health of employees is an important piece of any successful business, which is ultimately based in the productivity and health of the employees.

Most important to you and your loved ones are the benefits and seamless process of getting the addiction treatment needed when it is needed, through provided EAPs. However, it is important to note that EAPs, while helpful in finding an addiction treatment program, do not assist with paying for it. Health insurance plans—provided by your employer, Medicaid, Medicare, or paid privately by you—will be your best resource for assistance with the cost of drug rehab.

Whatever form of health insurance you have, at we can help you to understand your benefits, your in-network providers, and we can assist with the difficult task of deciding the treatment programs which best meet your financial and recovery criteria. Working with your health insurance provider, the options for addiction treatment services may be significantly reduced based on in-network providers. However, it is highly advised to stay within your provider’s network rather than pay more for non-participating programs, as the uncovered costs of addiction treatment, and each service offered within, can add up to thousands of dollars to be paid out of pocket.

Addiction is complicated, and so is health insurance. We can help take the confusion out of the equation and smooth the path to a clear and simple recovery solution.



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