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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Amerigroup Insurance

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Amerigroup Insurance

Check To See If  Your Amerigroup Insurance Plan Will Cover Rehab

One of the first questions which come to mind when addiction treatment becomes necessary is, “How can I afford it?” Understandably, addiction treatment comes with a high price tag, and the assistance of a health insurance plan with behavioral health benefits can make the difference between getting help or not. At, we understand the importance of insurance benefits and being able to use them in the most cost-efficient manner for the most effective form of addiction treatment possible.

Health insurance members across the country are having to call upon their Amerigroup Health Insurance plan benefits to begin searching for an addiction treatment program they can afford and that best meets their needs. Separate from privately paid insurance policies, Amerigroup plans can come from three source combinations:

  1. Medicare–coverage for individuals sixty-five or older, or those with disabilities
  2. Medicaid–low-cost coverage for lower-income adults, children, and families
  3. Medicare-Medicaid Plus (MMP)–for individuals twenty-one or older who have both Medicare and Medicaid coverage

Amerigroup provides services for members in only a handful of states:

Amerigroup Insurance Mental Health and Substance Use Benefits

Amerigroup Insurance is one of the many providers on the innovative edge of behavioral health care. Amerigroup employs four components in order to take a proactive position of overcoming challenges to individual recovery through mind-body connections.

These components consist of:

  1. Best practices. A team of behavioral health clinicians works to coordinate services and areas of support, to holistically address the unique needs of members.
  2. Round-the-clock support. This Includes crisis management services, and Amerigroup also integrates a 24/7 crisis-intervention emergency service for members who are experiencing an immediate and present danger, unfortunately common among addicted populations. This support also includes a nonemergency nurse line for medical and behavioral health questions.
  3. Innovative technologies. Amerigroup Insurance provides its members with a web-based “telehealth” solution, which contains immediate online access to qualified behavioral health providers and services.
  4. Provider partnerships. These partnerships between Amerigroup and health care providers use scorecards on important service and quality standards, which improve the levels of care received by members in addiction treatment as well as other behavioral health care environments.

Amerigroup proudly utilizes these practices, noting the positive results from their initiatives, such as a 15 percent decrease in inpatient admissions and a 2.8 percent decrease in thirty-days’ readmission rates for members.

How Does Insurance Work with Addiction Treatment?

No matter what kind of addiction treatment is necessary, your Amerigroup plan has some level of behavioral health care coverage that extends beyond just providing necessary treatment.

Amerigroup continues its support of members in recovery by helping them thrive in the communities to which they return. The resources provided by Amerigroup are intended to build, maintain, or rebuild their healthier lives with family by providing access to housing, transportation, and employment help. The level of coverage depends on the type of healthcare plan you have with Amerigroup.

When insurance benefits are a major factor in determining the affordable level of care, the first thing to do is verify the benefits so you know where you stand. At, we are experienced with all things addiction, rehab, and recovery. We can check and verify your Amerigroup Insurance benefits and talk with you about the addiction treatment programs within the coverage range of your plan.

Health insurance benefits can be difficult to navigate and fully understand, but it is important to have complete knowledge so that you don’t face unexpected fees and unpaid bills at a time when you need to be focused on health and recovery. We’re here to provide all information possible to help you make the best decision you can to get addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one, which will be most effective in paving the path toward lasting recovery.


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