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2014 Drug Trends in Indiana

2014 Drug Trends in Indiana

Many people don’t think about Indiana as a place where drug abuse is common, but the truth is, it’s becoming a hub for many issues. Many people who abuse substances are getting their resources from Chicago and other cities. In this article, we explore some of the issues that are currently going on in Indiana as of 2014 and how the government is working to change and fix some of those issues.


An expansion in the accessibility of heroin is driving up its utilization in Indiana, compelling cops to adjust their methodologies and sending more overdose cases to emergency rooms. The number of people who are getting treated in rehab for heroin is also increasing as well. The amount of heroin cases has climbed drastically since 2007, and law authorization authorities fear the drug’s minimal costs, which are about $10 for 1/10 of a gram, could make that pattern proceed. It’s gotten to the point where it is more common to see a heroin bust than a cocaine bust in some of the larger cities in Indiana.

It has gotten to the point where emergency rooms that only saw a few cases of heroin overdose per year are actually starting to see them on a regular basis, up to a couple of times a week. Likewise, many emergency rooms see patients with skin abscesses and skin diseases as an aftereffect of heroin utilization, which also points toward the increase of the problem. The number of cases in rehabilitation have also increased, which points toward a huge problem in this region.

Authorities are searching for approaches to control the climbing utilization of heroin and they are changing their methodologies to distinguish patterns and attempt to stop the drug’s spread. Some of that information is coming right from the addicts themselves. Some police divisions, including Indianapolis and Portage, are furnishing officers with a drug used to neutralize the impacts of an opioid overdose because of how common it has become in recent years.



An unlawful drug with expanding commonness in Indiana is inciting increased concern throughout the state. The drug 25i-Nbome, generally known as N-bomb, is a substance that is similar to other well known drugs like ecstasy and meth. This drug is incredibly dangerous, is easy to make, and acts like many illegal stimulants that are currently on the market today.

N-bomb is, no doubt utilized by young adults and teenagers. Its impact on people is flighty, distinctive in every client, so it’s hard to tell whether or not someone has used N-Bomb, until it is specifically tested for in the blood stream. The drug is regularly as a white powder that is put away in a little plastic pack or in a straw. It can be brown if blended with different drugs. N-bomb is sometimes sold as a fluid that might be blended with liquor or caffeinated beverages. The drug is inexpensive and there are some people who are using the internet to purchase it online.

Prescription Drugs

Indiana is a state that has one of the highest prescription drug abuse rates in the entire country, and the reasons for this are varied. The access to these drugs has become easier over the years, making it a lot simpler to start abusing them in an unhealthy manner. Rehab centers have been seeing an immense increase in the number of people who are coming for prescription drug rehabilitation, and it’s becoming more difficult for people to find the sources that they need to find in order to stop the cycle from happening to more people around the state.

Prescription drug abuse in Indiana has a number of sources, but many of them come from students who are looking for ways that they can better function. Others have to deal with mental health problems, where people have decided that they cannot deal with their symptoms or the side effects of their medications in a healthy way. In short, prescription medication abuse is around because people are looking for a way to make sure that they don’t feel the same pain that they have been feeling.

It affects all types of persons as well. The most recent case in Indiana occurred when members of a church were discovered to be purchasing and distributing prescription medications for illegal use and abuse, thus making it so that everyone in the small church was able to access the drugs with no issue. Obviously, there is a larger issue at play in any case, and it’s important for us to understand and focus on the implications it has for the state of Indiana.

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