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2014 Drug Trends in Hawaii

2014 Drug Trends in Hawaii

Even Hawaii, the tropical state that many only dream of visiting at some point in their life, has issues with drug use and abuse. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the problems that are currently going on in Hawaii in 2014 so that we can have a better understanding of the drug and alcohol abuse landscape in this beautiful state.


The frequency of Hawaii laborers and job seekers testing positive for cocaine and amphetamine use has climbed over the previous year, while utilization of different drugs declined in the second quarter when contrasted and the same period a year ago, which shows that there has been a shift in drug use over these past couple of years. Even though there aren’t a significant number of people who are being tested positive for cocaine, the increase in use is starting to be exponential. This comes from about 7,000 to 10,000 tests that happen every year when it comes to tests. So, we may start to see this becoming more of an issue if we don’t approach it now and in a healthy manner. Rehab programs are starting to get more involved with the entire thing in order to try and thwart these issues, but as the problem increases, drug rehab centers are scrambling to try and catch up with the whole thing. It will take time, but we will help to overcome this as well.


Crystal methamphetamine, ordinarily known as ice, is the drug of decision in Hawaii. The sale, utilization and transportation of crystal methamphetamine in Hawaii have had a terrible effect on all of Hawaiian culture. As we all are intensely mindful, crystal methamphetamine tears away at the internal fabric of Hawaii. Crystal methamphetamine brings violence. Crystal methamphetamine squanders lives and wreaks destruction on families. Crystal methamphetamine saps a large number of dollars out of the economy consistently. Crystal methamphetamine empties the monies that are in the criminal justice and health systems. It makes a mess of everything and it’s very dangerous for the residents of Hawaii to deal with.

The particular facts on how crystal methamphetamine influences crime is very interesting and saddening. Around 90% of property crime in Hawaii is accepted to be drug related. Likewise, numerous murders and other violent crimes, including prisoner crimes, have been connected with crystal methamphetamine. In Hawaii, a large percentage of youth drug cases are based on meth abuse. As of late, news articles in Hawaii have reported that attacks on cops have expanded fivefold in the course of recent years and that the violence connected with crystal methamphetamine abuse is helping to make the whole thing worse.

The boundless utilization of crystal methamphetamine has additionally profoundly harmed the economy and social picture of Hawaii. A few studies done by colleges have reported that Hawaii spends millions of dollars every year on amendments, instruction, advising, and other related projects in respect to the crystal methamphetamine issue. The other issue that is happening is in the realm of the environment – meth labs have actually been hurting the natural beauty of the region, and a lot of people have been starting to see the negative effects. As time goes on, more people are starting to see the issue and Hawaii lawmakers are starting to take action on these issues that are happening in their state in regards to meth.

Non-Medical Marijuana

Regarding unlawful substances, marijuana is a standout amongst the most effortlessly available. It’s the most usually utilized drug or pharmaceutical, for some—in the U.S. In 2014, there were more than 20 million people who were using marijuana on a regular basis. Hawaii is a state where a lot of marijuana use happens, especially with the people who are involved with the surfing culture. Surfing culture, sadly, has a lot of drug use involved with it, and a lot of people end up addicted to drugs and struggling with the consequences of it.

Hawaii gets much of its marijuana from within the state, but also from Asian countries that import it into the country. Because of this, they’ve actually talked about regulating it, but because there are bigger issues going on in the world of drugs, officials have been avoiding the conversation. It is up for debate, but many people think that Hawaii is going to be one of the last states to legalize it in a recreational fashion. We will have to keep an eye on the issues that are going on in the world of marijuana use in Hawaii and be ready if drug problems become a bigger issue in the future.

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