Three Inmates, Two Civilians Caught Smuggling Drugs in Coloring Books

March 30th, 2011

Authorities have charged two civilians and three inmates of the Cape May County Correctional Center for a familiar situation: attempting to smuggle drugs into the facility. What makes this particular incident unique, however, is the means they took in doing it. Whereas most drugs are usually smuggled in food, gifts, or other everyday objects sent through the mail, these drugs were found splotched on a child’s coloring book.

The officers at the facility were tipped in mid-February that the drug Suboxone, a medication indicated to assist opioid dependence, was being channeled into the Correctional Center through inmate mail. They warned their mail room employees to keep an sharp eye for the substance, which could appear in pill or liquid form.

Within a couple of weeks, a mail room worker found one of the above-mentioned coloring book page with crayon colored on it, along with an orange substance blotted on the page that resembled a water color paint.These coloring book pages were received by the facility, located in New Jersey, since mid-February. The pictures, as shown above, were addressed “To Daddy.” The page was soon confiscated and sent to the laboratory, where it tested positive for Suboxone.

Further investigation lead to the arrests of three incarcerated inmates: Zachary Hirsh, Charles Markman and Paul Scipione, who now face charges of conspiracy. Civilian Debbie Longo was soon arrested as well, but all four are on bail. Another warrant was sent out for Civilian Katelyn Mosebach, who remains at large and pending arrest.

Brandon Yu, Senior Managing Editor

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