Teenager forces Grandmother to smoke Marijuana

April 21st, 2011

In addition to forcing her to write him a check and threatening her life, Andrew Jordan Demkowich, a Pennsylvania teenager allegedly made his elderly grandmother smoke a marijuana cigarette with him.

Demkowich is facing many criminal charges as a result of this incident. He was arrested from his 74-year-old grandmother’s Scranton home on Monday, after his grandmother called the police to detain him. The police found him asleep on his couch in the living room, with a partially burned marijuana cigarette on top of his sweat pants. 

Demkowich’s grandmother is planning on moving away from her grandson as well as her original home, stating that he had threatened her life should the two meet again. She alleges that Demkowich forced her to write a check for money to buy drugs, and that he “forced her to smoke marijuana with him.”

Currently in jail in lieu of a $2000 bond, Demkowich is charged with one felony and six misdemeanors. He has faced narcotics charges in the past.

To learn more about marijuana habits amongst the youth, check out our article on Teen Marijuana Addiction.

Brandon Yu, Senior Managing Editor

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