Miracle Machine: Turning Water into Wine

Miracle Machine: Turning Water into Wine

March 31st, 2014

A new smart-phone operated device blew up on social media, causing potential buyers to question the legitimacy of the product. The “Miracle Machine” claims to turn water into wine, through the activation of a smartphone, of course.

Readily available to set up at home, the Miracle Machine enables users to turn tap water into wine over a fermentation period of just three days. Easy to use steps include: selecting the type of wine you’d like to drink, adding the proper ingredients, activating the machine via smartphone and then letting the machine do it’s job.

A free app is conveniently available for download, providing all the ingredients needed to create appetizing wines, and connects to the Miracle Machine via Bluetooth. Not only will the app help you choose which wine to create, it also monitors the progress of the wine as it develops. The Miracle Machine will include wine making kits containing: grape concentrate, yeast and other needed ingredients for different kinds of wine.
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Ordinarily, the winemaking process is long and tedious. Vineyards must be constructed to produce grapes, which then need to be picked, washed, crushed and put through a primary and secondary fermentation processes. The fermentation process can last between 10 months and 20 years!

Whether it is possible to chemically recreate expensive tasting wines through a machine is up to the user reviews. Marketing this product may prove to be challenging; wine fanatics will dismiss the product, insulted by the idea of recreating wine through a three day fermentation process. While college students, on the other hand, who may not have the funds to buy expensive wine, might find this product to be useful. If this device is successful, the alcohol and drink industry may have some competition.

The grand total for this intriguing device: $499! According to Stan Schroeder, author of “The Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine,” the Miracle Machine “founders Kevin Boyer and Philip James plan to raise the funding for the project on Kickstarter, but their page on the crowdfunding site is not yet live.”

Though this thermoplastic constructed machine is off the market for now, 22,000 shares around the social media world point to a demand from interested buyers. Could this revolutionize the wine industry? Only time, and a little bit of fermentation, will tell.

-Madison O’Connell, Editorial Intern


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