How to Understand Sliding Scales for Chemical Dependency Treatment

How to Understand Sliding Scales for Chemical Dependency Treatment

October 13th, 2014

Often times seeing a mental health therapist can be the most effective way to battle your chemical dependency (CD).  As many of us know, however, individual mental health therapy can be expensive and often times, the less expensive the health insurance policy, the less likely it is to be covered.

There are options, however, and you should consider these options when searching to find a mental health specialist who can help you with your Dual Diagnosis and Chemical Dependency treatment.

What is a Sliding Scale?

A sliding scale is simply a payment option used by many mental health therapists who tailor the cost of treatment to the individual based on income.  If you can show the therapist that you are earning a certain income, regardless of your health insurance, you can pay out of pocket at a largely discounted rate.

You’ll need to provide the therapist in question multiple paystubs, IRS filings, or bank statements.  Ask the therapist in question what they require from you in order to be eligible for a sliding scale fee.

How to Find a Sliding Scale Therapist

Speak to your primary care provider or physician about finding a behavioral health specialist.  They will often have lists of therapists within your area who are happy to provide services to a wide range of clients including those who are lower-income.

Also visit PsychologyToday and search within your target region for therapists.  You’ll be able to see if they accept a sliding scale on their profile page.  Reach out to multiple therapists to learn about their orientation and practice methodologies, as well as what they will need from you to begin.

Most importantly, go seek our help!  You’ll find helpful, willing therapists who will find a way to serve you.

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