Hidden Meth Pipe Lands Woman in Hospital and Jail

Hidden Meth Pipe Lands Woman in Hospital and Jail

December 9th, 2013

26-year-old North Dakota resident, Jeana Marie Smart, was arrested on Monday after police uncovered a warrant for her arrest, revealing she had “failed to appear in court on a pending narcotics and drug paraphernalia case,” according to the police report.

Once transported to the Cass County jail, Officer Michael Benton noticed blood on the back seat of his patrol car.

“When I asked Smart about this, she said she was on her period. As we walked to the booking area, blood was dripping from Smart’s crotch area onto her legs and the floor.” Benton noted in a Fargo Police Department report.

Jeana Smart, Meth PipeA short while later, when Smart could no longer handle the pain, she admitted she had a meth pipe lodged in her body cavity. As if that isn’t cringe-worthy enough, she also had a capped syringe.

Jail personnel removed the broken pipe and syringe, but her bleeding continued.

What Smart thought was quick thinking to avoid further drug-related penalties, wound her up in a local hospital where “medical staff removed some more additional broken glass.”

She was then returned to jail and booked into custody for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Her bail was set at $2000 and she was promptly released from custody. Her preliminary hearing in District Court is scheduled for January 3rd.

I think we can all agree that was not the smartest idea, Smart.

-Sharon Frajilich, Editor


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