The Five Weirdest Energy Products

The Five Weirdest Energy Products

September 1st, 2011

Ever since Red Bull and its energy drink offshoots burst onto the scene, it seems like the market for caffeinated products is inexhaustible. Here are five of the strangest goods designed to combat your afternoon slump:

1. Caffeinated soap

Supposedly, the caffeine in this soap can be absorbed into your skin and give you a sans-coffee morning jolt. Reviews of this product’s efficacy seem to be ambivalent, but it is worth noting that caffeine does help reduce the appearance of cellulite, if you’re after that.

2. Caffeinated beef jerky

The makers of Perky Jerky decided to inject dried beef with guarana, a South American plant that contains almost twice the amount of caffeine as coffee beans. Multitasking at its finest!

3. Caffeinated candy powder

Energy Styx are a finely ground sugary powder that the consumer places on the tongue. The caffeine can be absorbed either through the mouth’s membranes or through the stomach, if the user gets impatient and just swallows it.

4. Caffeinated oatmeal

The ultimate winter breakfast food can now jolt you out of hibernation. I’d prefer caffeinated Eggs Benedict, personally, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

5. Caffeinated breath spray

Primer caffeinated breath spray contains about 33mg of caffeine per spray. The caffeine is absorbed through the body underneath the tongue. Bear in mind that 33mg of caffeine is the amount found in a cup of green tea, so a true caffeine addict will need more than a couple sprays to be feeling good.




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