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Long-term residential treatment is suggested for patients who may need a substantial length of time in a structured treatment program; often, these patients attempted short-term residential treatment but it was not successful. Doctors may prescribe long term residential treatment for those who they feel would not benefit as strongly from a short-term residential treatment program. Long-term residential treatment for substance abuse problems is typically 30 days or longer.

If you are struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction, and you have recently suffered a relapse after completing a short-term residential program, long term residential treatment may benefit you. If you are coming off certain drugs, which typically have long withdrawal periods, long term residential, treatment is commonly the best method of treatment. If you have co-occurring mental conditions, such as depression, long-term residential treatment is often the best method to ensure that dual diagnosis treatment is successful. Substance abuse is hard to beat. It requires dedication, a good treatment plan, and hard work. If you want to end your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, call one of the Connecticut treatment facilities listed on our website. Speak to a professional about your treatment options and find out whether long-term residential treatment may be suitable for you. You can end your dependence on alcohol and/or drugs. Start today.
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