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The most common drug that is abused in Connecticut is crack cocaine. More specifically, it seems that there are more crack cocaine addicts in this state. Of course, although the rest of the drugs are not as prevalent as crack cocaine, their current usage levels seem to be on an upswing. The state also has issues with heroin, Ecstasy (which is, in fact, the drug of choice of college-age users) and, of course, marijuana (both locally grown and imported).

In an effort to deal with the increasing use of drugs in the state, there are quite a few drug rehab facilities in Connecticut. Some of the facilities include High Watch Recovery Center in Kent, which integrates addiction medicine and spiritual teachings, and Turning Point in New Haven, which has a three-step program to transition between clinical living and self-sufficiency. If you are looking for information on the treatment facilities, our website has the information. We also have information on all the other facilities in Connecticut. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, the facilities can help. Do not hesitate to contact us and get started on discovering the path to a new drug-free life today.
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