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Renaissance Ranch

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Bluffdale, UT 84065
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Gospel supported recovery at Renaissance Ranch

For many people, recovery begins when they reconnect to their faith. Renaissance Ranch is a residential short and long term treatment facility run by and centered on the Gospel and faith of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS). While you don't have to be a Mormon to enroll at Renaissance ranch, the gospel and Mormon faith is central to their approach. This unique faith based 12 step program offers medical care and support during recovery while emphasizing a rediscovery and reliance on the Gospel to help shape your sober life.

Gender specific treatment

Renaissance Ranch provides substance abuse treatment and Buprenorphine services to men and women using gender specific treatment programs. There are segregated campuses used for both short and long term residential treatment for men and women. The experience of Renaissance has been that men and women have the best success with recovery when they are housed with the same gender. Renaissance Ranch specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, so if you have an underlying mental health issue you will be able to weave together a program of sobriety that helps you manage life in both recoveries.

Understanding dual diagnosis

For many people just starting on the road to recovery, one of the most difficult aspects to deal with is how the first stages may seem to aggravate or reveal a mental health issue. It is not uncommon for substance abuse patterns to develop as a form of self-medicating the symptoms of an underlying mental health issue. With proper care during the detox and recovery process, you can learn to manage the symptoms of an underlying illness without reliance on substances.

Affording recovery treatment

Located in Bluffdale, Utah the campuses are comfortable and spacious. Treatment at Renaissance Ranch for substance abuse recovery and/or dual diagnosis treatment are covered by several major insurance providers including state, federal, military services and most private insurers. For those in the military or who are dependents, both the VA and Tricare support treatment at Renaissance. There are also private payment assistance programs available through their financial office. In cases where a medical detox is deemed necessary, the treatment is considered separate while continued monitoring of your physical health during initial recovery is done directly on the campus.

Taking the first step

The only way to break the cycle of addiction and substance abuse is to take the first step off the track you have been on and step onto the path of recovery by calling Renaissance Ranch today. Contact us to talk to one of our friendly and supportive staff professionals to make arrangements to begin your rehab treatment today. They can help you break the pattern of suffering and pain to get back to the joy of living. You can?t do this alone, and we are here to help you discover life again. By calling you take the first step on a journey that will lead you into recovery and all the promise it holds. You will never regret the choice to enter rehab treatment.

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