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If you are a woman, you likely know how different your needs are from a man's. That's completely alright! But if you are struggling with substance abuse, then you may require specialized care for your recovery. That is what Jordan's Crossing has focused on; they know that women have specific needs and do everything they can to help women become better parents and better members of society.

Women and men are different, and many drug treatment centers focus on taking care of men, even when they don't mean to. Jordan's Crossing was started with women in mind, and they have put all of their focus on treating women who are going through the detoxification process. They also put a lot of focus on women who are pregnant and those who are caring for infants and toddlers while trying to work through their addiction.

Jordan's Crossing works to offer a number of different options to women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They offer both inpatient and outpatient services, and they also offer beds for children who may be living with their mothers while they are getting the treatment that they need. This allows the mother to get the help that she needs while knowing that her child is safe and still in her care. There are both short term (less than 30 days) and long term (30 days or more) treatment options available.

Since most people who struggle with substance abuse have a dual diagnosis with some sort of mental health issue, Jordan's Crossing works to do everything that they can to make sure that that is treated as well. Detoxification services, programs that help women to learn how to run a household, and other important resources are available from Jordan's Crossing. Women do not complete their program(s) until the center has determined that they are able to leave with the lowest chance of relapse possible.

Jordan's Crossing takes a number of different types of insurance. They take all state and Federal government endorsed health insurance. They also take most private health insurance options. If those are not options for you, there is a lot of money available in "Access to Recovery" programs that make it so anyone can get help in overcoming their substance abuse problems. In some cases, eligible women may be able to get payment assistance and they can pay for their recovery out of pocket as well.

Jordan's Crossing is considered to be one of the best women's substance abuse treatment centers in the country. Their focus on those women who are pregnant or have infants makes them incredibly vital to the healing process of those women. Governor Mary Fallin of the state of Oklahoma has endorsed Jordan's Crossing and says that it helps the state of Oklahoma in its mission to help women become better parents and overcome their addictions. Are you a woman that is struggling with an addiction? Do you worry that it is starting to affect your family in a negative way, or that it will do so if you don?t break the habit now? If you are looking for more information about Jordan?s Crossing, contact them today. They can help you to break free from your addiction and be the mother that you have desired to be.

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