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Short-term residential treatment is intensive treatment for fewer than 30 days in a residential treatment facility. In a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration comparing long-term residential treatment with short-term residential treatments, it was found that people were more likely to complete short-term treatment than long-term treatment. The study found that in short-term residential treatment, only 15 percent of people dropped out. In long-term residential treatment 31 percent of patients dropped out. Completion of treatment was also associated with better patient outcomes. According to the recommendations from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is important for patients coming out of the intense short-term residential treatment to then follow up with outpatient care as addiction is a complicated disease that needs to be managed over a long period of time. Outpatient care can help reduce the likelihood of relapse after short-term residential treatment.In Georgia, there are facilities that offer both short-term residential treatment as well as outpatient care. If you are suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse and need intensive treatment, a short-term residential treatment program might be appropriate for you. Since there is no simple solution to drug addiction, it is important to have a professional assess your situation and advise the best path of treatment for you. Please visit our website for a list of short-term residential treatment providers.
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