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The Five Weirdest Energy Products

Ever since Red Bull and its energy drink offshoots burst onto the scene, it seems like the market for caffeinated products is inexhaustible. Here are five of the strangest goods designed to combat your afternoon slump: 1. Caffeinated soap Supposedly, the caffeine in this soap can be absorbed into...

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major active chemical in tobacco is Nicotine

Prenatal Smoking Affects Children Later in Life

A new study out of Finland shows that mothers who smoke while pregnant are more likely to have children with psychological disorders such as depression. The disparity in reports on this study show how difficult it can be to properly summarize a study. One source states that this study “proves that smoking causes...

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Are There Extra Drugs In Your Tylenol?

There might be, if you recently purchased a pack from the British drugstore chain Boots. The DailyMail reported that three Boots locations had unwittingly stocked packages of Nurofren Plus, an acetaminophen/codeine tablet, that had been swapped with Seroquel XL, an antipsychotic drug indicated for the treatment of bipolar disorder...

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urban legends that cause rampant paranoia

5 of the Weirdest Drug Myths

For every scientifically proven fact about drugs, there is a slew of urban legends that cause rampant paranoia. While these myths make things more confusing, they are also a great source of entertainment. AllTreatment picked the best of the bunch for your reading pleasure.

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Facebook use and substance ingestion

Facebook and Drugs: Is There a Correlation?

Facebook might make you a junkie. Facebook use and substance ingestion is a usage passage for teens. At least, that’s the conclusion some are drawing from a recent study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). This survey looked at the Internet and drug usage patterns...

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