Monthly Archives: June 2011

Why Isn’t Marijuana Legal?


Cultural habits have a strong effect on drug legislation. In fact, that might be an understatement–in many cases, a drug’s historical presence in a society is the basis for its legal status....

Washington Medical Marijuana Users Under Fire


Medical marijuana users in Washington state are under fire…(somewhat) literally. Though Washington state law protects authorized medical marijuana users from prosecution, the court ruled today that a company is still legally allowed to fire an employee for medical marijuana use. This ruling comes via the case Jane Roe v. TeleTech...

Caffeine Hallucinations?


Does your extra hot, no foam venti latte come with a side of loopiness? While sipping a big cup of coffee might not score you points with the average hallucinogen aficionado, new research from La Trobe University in Australia suggests that moderate to high doses of caffeine may make you...