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According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, (SAMSHA), 66.4% people have taken alcohol at least once in 2010 in Missouri. The research also reveals that more than 50% of the alcohol addicted first tasted alcohol within the age range of 12 and 20. The data are equally frightening for cocaine and other drugs that are now easily available in the market. Around 47% people in the state have used marijuana once in their life. The same kind of data was received for other drugs and the percentage of youth inclined to these drugs is alarming. Youth holds the key to the future for any country and proper action requires to be taken to make them healthy and active.

The rehab centers are doing their bit by providing facilities that would help the young generation to get out of the grip of drug and alcohol addiction and the government has joined hands with them for good reasons. If you know someone who is suffering from the negative effects of such addictions, then it is time to take action. Our website provides you with the list of service providers and rehab centers where treatment facilities are available to the addicts. Contact the center near your location soon to save someone’s life.
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