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Are you recovering from an addiction and are having difficulty getting back into your life and back into society? According to the National Substance Abuse Index, nearly 15,000 people in Kansas on average are admitted for substance abuse treatment and drug rehabilitation. However, not everyone who comes out of a program is automatically able to reintegrate back into society. The transition process can include things like support groups and counseling, job seeking, and a supportive, and most importantly, understanding environment.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse relapse statistics for addiction are similar to that of other chronic diseases like asthma and type 1 diabetes (around 40-60%). Drug addiction is considered a chronic disease (one which generally cannot be fully cured), yet like other chronic diseases, it can be managed successfully. Finding a good halfway house in Kansas can help with the management of the disease. There are different types of halfway houses in Kansas and it is important to choose one that works best for an individual. Some halfway houses are male only or female only and some are faith based. There are also halfway houses that have either short-term or long-term stays available. Choosing a good halfway house in Kansas can be key to successful recovery. For example, if you suffer from dual-diagnosis finding a halfway house which can specially help you with that condition is important for the management of the diseases.
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