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Breaking free from the bonds of substance abuse addiction is incredibly difficult. That's why people seek help from treatment centers. Treatment centers can play a very large role in how successful your pursuit toward wholeness is. That's why it's important for you to take the first step. Because of the importance of the first step, First Step of Sarasota, Inc, works with you from the first step to the last of your recovery.

What Principles Does This Treatment Center Work Off Of?

Everyone should have access to the help that they need, especially when you are looking to get past the mess that substance abuse can make in your life. Substance abuse affects every area of your life, and it takes a lot for you to realize that you have to get help. First Step of Sarasota, Inc, named themselves such because they know that taking the first step toward recovery is the most important to take.

What services do they offer?

First Step of Sarasota, Inc offers over 20 different programs that help people overcome their substance abuse problems. They offer almost every type of treatment that you can imagine; whether someone is in need of short-term, long-term, or even outpatient treatment services, they can find it at First Step.

The counselors at First Step of Sarasota, Inc, are highly qualified. All of them have credentials that are verified by the State of Florida (or the equivalent from other areas of the United States). The counselors are incredibly passionate and compassionate toward those they are working with, which makes it a lot easier for you or your loved one to work with them throughout your entire recovery.

As with most drug rehabilitation services, First Step focuses on the detoxification process and makes sure that you are safe and comfortable as you are going through it. They also have support groups for people in every stage of life, and they put a lot of time and effort into helping you prevent further issues after you've finished your rehabilitation program.

Lastly, First step also makes sure that you can afford your treatment. Why should you add to your anxiety by worrying about how much it is going to cost? Because First Step is a non-profit organization, they have a number of grants and other funding available to their clients. They also accept insurance, if you currently have it, and if you have to pay out of pocket, they use a sliding scale so that you can actually afford the payments that you have to make. That way, you can focus on your recovery instead of money.

The first step is the most difficult step that you can take in substance abuse recovery. That's why First Step of Sarasota, Inc, focuses on getting you through the first step while overcoming your substance abuse problems. Are you ready to take those first steps? Then you need the help of a qualified rehab center like First Step of Sarasota, Inc. If you are looking for more information about the programs at First Step of Sarasota, Inc, you can check out their website at http://www.fsos.org/ or call them for more information. First Step wants to help you make the first step toward your recovery.

Detailed Information about First Step of Sarasota Inc:

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Language Assistance: Spanish
Payment Assistance: Sliding Fee Scale
Payment Options: Self Payment
Private Health Insurance
Military Insurance (VA, TRICARE)
State Financed Insurance
Residential Options: Residential Short Term Treatment
Residential Long Term Treatment
Service Types: Detoxification
Buprenorphine Services
Substance Abuse Treatment
Halfway House
Special Programs: Women
Dual Diagnosis
Criminal Justice Clients
Treatment Types: Substance Abuse Treatment Services