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addiction to food

Advertisement Endorses Overeating

America’s addiction to food is a real problem in the world today. In’s recent article Addicted to Food I looked at the advertising which contributes to America’s addiction to food. This year the nation’s pink stomach relief medicine is hopping on board.This year’s Pepto-Bismol ads feature a party where...

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mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone and methylone

Amazon Sells DEA Banned Bath Salts

The chemicals(mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone and methylone) found in bath salts have been banned by the DEA, but they can still be purchased on Amazon. Mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone and methylone are three dangerous chemicals.The Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States has recently banned the three chemicals found in the designer drug...

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It’s Never To Late: To Traffic Drugs

80 year olds arrested for distributing cocaine! Grandpa transports 104 bricks and grandma goes to jail, again… This week an 87 year old man plead not guilty to transporting over 200 pounds of cocaine. He says he was forced to carry the $2.9 million worth of drugs at gun...

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You Don’t Need to be on Suboxone Long-Term

Suboxone is capable of helping addicts detox from opiates. It does not need to be a long term maintenance program to be effective. If fact short term use gives a greater chance of true freedom from addiction. Suboxone is the newest major opiate withdrawl prescription. Doctors advise the drug...

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synthetic heroin “Krokodil”

Krokodil: Flesh Eating Homemade Russian Heroin!

Synthetic heroin “Krokodil” is a killer drug. A new homemade compound opiod is killing mass numbers of Russian heroin addicts. Synthetic heroin “Krokodil”. Russia has more heroin users than any other country in the world. One-third of worldwide heroin deaths are Russian. Due to a cut off Afghan supply the drug’s...

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Pro-pot people

A Little Honesty Would Help the Marijuana Legalization Cause

Pro-pot people could make their case much stronger if they stopped asserting that weed is harmless; it is not. Potential Harmful Effects of Smoking Weed: Laziness Addiction Effected sexual drive/performance: “stoner softie” Unhealthy lungs Also; pot is not the only answer to chronic pain issues. Marijuana legalization would give...

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Street drugs

Pharmaceutical Drugs Are the Same as Street Drugs

Street drugs have roots in the pharmacy. Some drugs like heroin and cocaine which today carry a strong stigma were once mass prescribed. Meth is still manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Xanex, Oxy-Contin and Methadone are prescription drugs sold in the streets. Street drugs have always been made in the pharmaceutical lab...

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