It’s Never To Late: To Traffic Drugs

November 21st, 2011

80-year-olds arrested for distributing cocaine! Grandpa transports 104 bricks and grandma goes to jail, again…

This week an 87-year-old man pleaded not guilty to transporting over 200 pounds of cocaine.Leo Sharp, 87 He says he was forced to carry the $2.9 million worth of drugs at gunpoint.

The old man was pulled over for improper lane use and refused to let officers search his vehicle. The officer’s canine searched the car and found the drugs.

The man was silent at his court date. If convicted he faces up to ten years in prison. Which would make him 98 when he got out.

In a similar story, 80-year-old alleged multiple offenders, grandmother Ola Mae Robinson, was arrested for selling crack. She was arrested six months earlier on the same charges. Maybe her sordid ways are finally catching up to her in her 80s.

“I don’t have no time for crack cocaine,” she said. “Wish I was, cause then I’d have money,” she told the police.

In her defense, she said “It wasn’t mine! Til they found me I was sitting up in my chair nodding!” Everyone knows when you’re selling crack you most definitely cannot be nodding.

Video: Crack Dealin Grandma: Arrest of Ola Mae

It may never be too late to traffic drugs, but really it’s never too late to give them up. Whether dealing with drugs or just taking them people all over the country are suffering from addiction. All people can recover from the criminal lifestyle, but treating their addiction might need to happen first.

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